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Airport Hidden Secrets

Are you stuck in the airport for hours?

Below is a list of hidden nooks I've found on my travels to make the wait a little more bearable, if not enjoyable. Keep this between you and me. ;)

DEN (Denver, CO)

Positives: plenty of food and drink options, seating and lounge options in each terminal with lots of charging spots, fast train in between terminals, beautiful design, scenic views.

Negatives: large layout can make it difficult to get from one terminal to the next with a tight connection.

  • OUTSIDE SECURITY: On a good weather day, with plenty of time, walk outside of security to the baggage claim area, level 5, and find the walkway to the Westin Hotel. You will find a walkway that connects the airport to the hotel itself. A large outdoor turf area contains comfortable seating, cornhole boards, picnic table, canopy covered seating, an overlook at the approach path and access to a hotel restaurant and bar with floor to ceiling windows.

  • INSIDE SECURITY: take the train to the A concourse and ride the escalators up to the 3rd floor. There, you'll find a quiet area designated to sleeping/ resting with individual pods, fold out twin sized beds, reclining chairs and plenty of plug ins. This favorite airport find helps when you get stuck overnight while non-reving!

IAH (Houston, TX)

Positives: international airport... so the best part about this airport is you can leave it. On a serious note, there are plenty of food options if spending $15 for a hamburger is your thing.

Negatives: large layout can make it difficult to get from one terminal to the next with a tight connection, if you're not looking to spend money on food/drinks there's not much to do to pass the time, limited places to charge your devices, limited seating/lounge areas, several dirty terminals, constant construction.

  • INSIDE SECURITY: It can be difficult to find a comfortable place to rest in between flights that doesn't require spending airport prices for food and drinks and limited time. The best free location I've found so far is located in the walkway between the A gates. The little breezeway is lined with plants, large windows, and art displays. There are several benches facing the windows with power charging stations. If you're lucky you can snag one facing the control tower and watch the planes taxiing by.

PHX (Phoenix, AZ)

Positives: large enough that most airlines fly into it, small enough to not need extra hours to start/navigate your in airport travels, beautiful views of the surrounding desert "mountains" from any window at the airport.

Negatives: limited coffee spots, no set waiting areas inside of security, pick an empty gate and get comfy.



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