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Welcome to Going Missed

The purpose, the plan, the point

Written and developed by Lisa Thornton

My name is Lisa Thornton and I am a first generation airline pilot.

I created this website to share my journey, and every helpful detail I learned along the way, with the next generation of pilots. During my own flight training, and beginning of my time building career, I struggled to balance my personal and professional life while trying to maintain my health goals. As a result, I created this website to make navigating this industry feel less mysterious, shine light on various avenues in the aviation industry, and encourage pilots to learn from each other's experiences.

Flying under instrument flight rules somewhere over Arizona.

So now that you know why I created this website, why the name?

Flight conditions aren't always ideal

Not all flights are embarked upon under sunny, clear skies. Sometimes the air is turbulent, covered in clouds, provides low visibility, or is blanked in darkness. Sometimes the weather is better when you take off then it is when you land. Sometimes you made a flight plan, expecting certain conditions, only to have those conditions change without a moment's notice.

One way pilots try to mitigate the risks that come from changes in their current and future environment is to fly under instrument flight rules. These rules provide structure, protection, and stability.

When flying under instrument flight rules, a pilot has to have control over their aircraft and the environment has to meet certain conditions in order to allow the plane to land. If those minimums aren't met, the pilot must execute a missed approach, or "go missed", fly away from the runway, come back to try again, and potentially even fall back on a back up plan and land at a new airport.

Life conditions aren't always ideal

When I embarked on my pilot journey I had no idea what I was in store for, or even if I was going to like flying. I lived through some major ups and downs. I've cried and laughed, tried and failed, and dreamed and succeeded... all in the name of becoming a commercial pilot.

The more I progressed on my own path, the more I realized the pilot journey is similar to flying under instrument conditions. I had a goal; a flight plan. I shot my approach and, a few times, I wasn't able to stick the landing. I had to go missed and try again.

I learned to be flexible and have a back up plan. Some lessons I learned the hard way and I'd be lying if I said I had it all figured out now. But, I can share what I've learned. I have been lucky enough to find some amazing mentors along this journey and I want to be that now for all of you.

I hope this website serves as a guide in your aviation journey. I hope you find strength, someone to lean on, and purpose in all the madness. Trust the process and don't hesitate to call in mutual support when needed.

Let Me Be Your Guide

Going Missed is your en-life chart that will take you from lift off, as a student pilot, to the full stop landing as Pilot in Command, on the aircraft of your dreams.

Going Missed is here to bring balance and excitement to a career in aviation.

Keep checking back in for more blog posts and be sure the visit the shop for guided study and organization materials. Join the movement via "Radar Contact" and Subscribe for updates in live time.

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