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About Going Missed

Going missed is a bucket list destination for female and commercial pilots

featuring an aviation blog, travel destinations and tips, self-growth exercises

and merchandise bringing balance and excitement to a career in aviation.

Radar Contact:

Hi, my name is Lisa Thornton (AKA Air Boss). 

I am a 31 year old airline pilot and flight instructor, currently based in Colorado.

My pre-ATP time building journey included: 

  • Flight Instruction for a part 61 school in Alaska 

  • Solo Pilot Survey work in a multi-engine across the western US 

  • Instructor Pilot for the United States Air Force's Initial Flight Training Program.


My ATP experience includes:

  • Unrestricted ATP

  • CL65 Typed

  • A320 Typed

  • First Officer experience- Regional & ULCC

My Credentials:

  • Airline First Officer

  • Former International Flight Attendant

  • CFII & AMEL Commercial Pilot

  • Instrument Rated, Tailwheel Endorsed 

  • Blogger: , Mentor

  • Blogger:


To create and foster a culture in which aviators share ideas, ask questions, and challenge and support one another along their own professional journey. To lead aviators in a healthy lifestyle for the body and mind.

Thank you for being my copilot on this journey..

- Lisa Thornton

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