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All In All You're Just A-Nother Wad Of Gum On The Wall

Life is linear.

Our time on this Earth can be measured with specific moments. Everyone is searching for some mark to leave behind; for some reminder to the rest of the world that they were there.

But, life is linear.

On my most recent trip to Seattle I visited the great gum wall. Deep in the alleyway, below the hustle and bustle of the downtown market, sat a section of bricks where people from all over placed a piece of gum. There were different flavors, colors, sizes and shapes of gum wadded up and stuck to the wall. Some pieces covered up those underneath them, some pieces connected other pieces together, some pieces blended in with those around them, and some pieces stood out as a pop of color.

Life is like the great gum wall. We all want to leave our mark on history. However, our only real mark is the stamp we make during the time we are here and the foundation we set for those that come after us. Our stamp is our wad of gum. The way we live our life and the impact we have on the future depends on the type of gum we chew. We decide how strong the gum is, how flavorful the gum is, how long the gum lasts, and how much of the gum we chew.

We pick where we want to place our gum on the great gum wall of time. Where it sticks becomes our mark on this linear life we live. If we stretch the gum out to cover a lot of brick and other pieces of gum, it will grow thin and see through. If we roll it into a tight small ball, no one will know it is there. If we place our gum next to others that look exactly the same, our gum will loose it’s individuality. But, if we chew our gum until the flavor is gone, place it among other pieces that will build us up and appear to be different than us, maybe, just maybe, our piece will stand out on the great gum wall of time… until someone else places their piece over ours.

So you see, life is linear.

You have a chance to leave your mark and you control what that mark looks like. But, time moves on down the line. Other people will join the wall and eventually you will be covered up. You can only control how you add to the vibrancy of the wall for the time others can see you. If you place your piece just right, you can become a sturdy foundation for the many pieces that will come after you.

So, go ahead and chew your gum. Blow bubbles, make popping noises and chew with your mouth open if it makes you happy. Then, place your wad on the wall, but choose where you put it carefully.

For all in all, you’re just a-nother wad of gum on the wall.


Thanks for sharing in my journey!

Remember to have fun while flying through this crazy thing called life!

(Brought over from 10-07-2016)

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