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My Five Favorite Parts of Palmer

  • Would I really be a pilot if my first favorite spot wasn't the Palmer Airport? But come on... you can't beat these office views!

  • I'm the type of person who needs coffee, daily, injected into my veins. So, when I found out Palmer only had one sit down coffee shop, I thought I was a goner. But, a short 20 min drive, into the nearby town of Wasilla, will bring you to an adorable coffee house/ pastry shop called Creama. Every morning they have fresh baked, fluffy, creamy pastries. The shop is a renovated farm hose with comfortable chic seating. They also don't have a house menu; just tell them what you want and they'll make it.

  • Visiting the Williams Reindeer Farm is easily my favorite daily activity in Palmer. The farm sits on the west side of a mountain, known to the locals as "the Butte". You can spend the day learning about reindeers, petting and feeding the reindeer, kissing a moose (yes I did this!), and watching alpaca and bison graze nearby. Apparently, you can even buy one and take it home with you. It took a lot of convincing for me not to leave there with a new pet. ;)

  • Speaking of The Butte, why not hike it? The short, but moderate demand of the trail is popular for its easy access and beautiful views. With two options, one being more of a straight climb, the 25 minute hike can work up a sweat. At the top of the Butte, you'll find a bench where you can take in views of the Knick Glacier Valley, the Palmer Airport, and farm land.

  • Alaska loves it breweries so I should probably do a completely separate post about all the fun local spots. However, I'll mention my favorite to the valley: Bleeding Heart Brewery. This small but cozy brewery has unique brews on tap and delicious food. My favorite combo: the "Grounds for Divorce" with the cheese board. The seating is comfy and if you don't sit still well, you can grab your beer and walk into the antique parts shop connected to the pub.

If you ever make your way out to the valley of Alaska, I recommend checking out these places. Alaska is so big, you could live there your whole life and still not have seen it all. So, take it in little bits at a time and don't forget to stop and smell the forget-me-nots.

Thanks for sharing my journey with me.

Remember to have fun while flying through this crazy life!


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