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Achieving balance while pursuing a career in aviation can feel overwhelming. Creating specific goals along your journey can help keep you focused while allowing you to appreciate the wins along the way.

This habit tracker contains a years worth of prompts to track your hours, daily, weekly, and monthly habits as well as recognize the little wins achieved each month. Refresh your drive with aviation related motivational quotes on each month's page. The tracker is undated and runs for 12 months, so you can start using it any time of year. Perfectly stored as a notebook in your flightbag or hung on your wall as a daily reminder.


This product is a PDF of the Yearly Habit Tracker. A link to the content will be emailed to you upon purchase and is valid for 30 days after purchase.






This product is also available for purchase bound and printed. Keep checking back for the posting!

If you would like to order this tracker physically printed out and bound, please contact us at to pre-order.

Yearly Habit Tracker

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