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Regret Me Not


It can become a weight that holds you down, a memory that won’t fade, and a reason to hide away.

But, perhaps the worst thing regret can become, is your scapegoat.

Scapegoats, alibis, justifications, take backs, they are all the same. And they all do you a disservice. It is all to easy to chalk a decision up as a mistake and forget that you once stood behind that decision. Each breath you take is a conscious action. Each interaction is intentional. Each feeling is justified.

Instead of filling yourself with regret, own every decision you make because, at one point, it was the right decision. That decision taught you what it needed to. Something deep inside you led you to that moment, just as something deep within you carried you to the circumstances that came from it.

Yes, your decision changed you forever, but would you regret the person you are now?

Yes, your decision led to a moment that showed your weakness, but would you regret the strength you have gained?

Yes, your decision was a shot in the dark, but would you regret the lessons you have learned?

Yes, your decision showed you unfamiliarity, but would you regret the beauty you have seen?

Yes, your decision brought people in and out of your life, but would you regret the relationships you made along the way?

And yes, even sometimes your decision is one you will never make again, but how would you know if you had not given it a chance?

Don’t live by your scapegoat. Live intentionally and boldly.

Every experience you have had, or will have, is exactly what you need it to be.

Give voice to your decisions and listen to their voice.

If you did, you’d hear them say, “Regret me not. I have made you this way.”


Thanks for sharing in my journey!

Remember to have fun while flying through this crazy thing called life!

(Brought over from 11-19-2017)

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